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Master-Detail Relationships Vs Lookup Relationships

Difference Between Master-Detail Relationship And Lookup Relationship

Master-Detail Vs Lookup : Now we are going to discuss Master-detail and Lookup relationship. In Salesforce we have two types of relationship. We can easily relate the objects. The relationship types are given below, check it you will have an idea about salesforce relationships limitations, diffrence, and advantages. 1.Master-Detail Relationship One – Many Relationships. Many […]

photoshop grid

Great Photoshop Grid Column In 2019

Most of the UI/UX designer must have some knowledge about photoshop grid system. I have attached some PSD files to kick start your mobile and web UI design. You know a lot of the different type of devices available in the real world like Mobile, Tab, Ipad, Laptop and Desktop. Here I’m gonna add some […]