temporary email service

Getnada for temporary or fake email service

Hey there !

Its a time to discuss about Getnada. Mainly for Fake email or temporary email generation

Everybody knows about PAAVADANADA And KAKINADA ( Indian’s only will get an idea about this 😛 , others just leave or google it) , then did you have any idea about GETNADA ?

Let see 🙂

Getnada provides a temporary, anonymous, free, secure, disposable email address. everybody can use on all kind of web application for anonymously sign up! also, developer and testers can use this for application testing purpose.

Create your inbox now

you can create N number of inbox on your Getnada after that you will get following features . kick start your temp mail now 😉

  • Messages will be shown here automatically (no need to refresh page)
  • Chrome extension available for your easy access
  • Mobile Application also there for your android devices

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