How to update the content using CMD in Magento 2

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You know our Magento 2 providing one cool feature that is page you can create your CMS pages with the help of page will be very easy for you because it’s just a drag of drop operation. let’s come to the point.

Apart from these features, you can update your content using CMD. Let’s have a look at it and follow the simple steps. now we are going to update content for CMS pages using CMD

STEP 1: First open your mysql bin folder in CMD

EX: C:\xampp\mysql\bin

STEP 2: Now you need to login. follow the given syntax

// Syntax

 EX: C:\xampp\mysql\bin > mysql -u USERNAME -p  PASSWORD -h HOST

 // Syntax with Sample Data

 EX: C:\xampp\mysql\bin > mysql -u root -p pass -h 

Now you will have a Welcome message. if the given credentials are wrong it will through the error

STEP 3: By-default CMS page table name is “cms_page”. before that, you must have knowledge about SQL queries. Now you need to select your database and cms_page table using SQL query.

STEP 4: Finally you need to run update query with your updated data.

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