Hi There,

I’m Kumaresan, Founder and Blogger @ Devfacts.com

When I was a kid. I don’t have any dream about my future. I got a  great transformation in 6th to 10th standard duration that time I spent most of the time with electronic devices and computers (but that’s not mine 😛 ) so I tittle confused.

What is that?

Which one is better for my career. Electronics or Computer Programming. After that my career kick-started with Computer Science but basically came from the village also Tamil medium guy.

I hate my classrooms but I love my college library. My technical trainers are Google, Youtube and TechBlogs. When I was a Final year student(BE-CS First Graduate from my family 🙂 ), I got 3 offers but I made a decision to work with startup Company because it will give a great chance to work with tons of technologies. At the same time I did my MBA.

Now  I’m a Pure UI Guy. Love to do Front End Development with Latest web technologies. I have around 4 years of experience with Front End Technologies. Now kick-started my Journey with Salesforce that’s why gonna convert my blog based on salesforce development information. From June 24 – 2019 My salesforce journey is started  @  MST Solutions.

Devfacts is a tech blog with a bundle of technology information.

Are you a googler?

Searching a lot to learn about the latest technology information then fine

I’m being here. keep in touch with DevFacts 😉