Assignment Rules

What is Assignment Rules? How You Will Create Assignment Rules in Salesforce?

Assignment rule in Salesforce is mainly for allocation process , It may be someone or team. Mostly all organizations will have a particular rule for the business purpose.

Example: Organization has one web-to-case also generate HTML files for that then we are assigning that cases to someone.

We need to tell one thing, only one rule will be work at a time. Assignment rule only available for the following two objects.

1.Lead Object
2.Case Object

Note: Both are a standard object in our Salesforce CRM

Lead Assignment Rules – It will guide you how leads are assigned to the admin or some other user and how to create them manually. Some time lead data may be web-generated or data can be imported through Wizard as well.

Case Assignment Rules – It will guide you how cases can be assigned to the admin or some other user that cases are arranged in queues or created manually. Also, some other ways are available to collect data like email, web, portals, Outlook, etc.

Salesforce Assignment Rule Creation

Let’s Begin, Must, you will have the professional, developer, or enterprise edition of the Salesforce. Otherwise its not possible for rule creation. 

STEP 1: Create an assignment rule, Click Set up First (it will be in the top right corner) then type Assignment Rules in the Quick Find box. After that, based on your needs you can select lead assignment rules or case assignment rules.

STEP 2: Now click the new entry, give the proper name for that. Next step will be you need to define Case or Lead related may be manual or automated operations. once you defined everything click save.

STEP 3: In this step, you will define the rule criteria. Open the rule entries and click on the New button. finally, it shows the message like Congratulations, the assignment rule has been created successfully.

STEP 4: Next step, can we view or edit the assignment rules. If you want to make any changes in the rule then click the rule name after that you can the changes.

STEP 5: Edit the rule entries, first of all, you need to choose the rule name from the list. Then Click New after that add an entry, you can either Add or Delete rules form the list.

Rule Entries

STEP 1: Set the order in which this rule entry will be processed, Here you just enter the sort order using the input box

STEP 2: Select the criteria for this rule entry, Here you need to choose criteria met using the picklist then you need to choose the following things

  • Field
  • Operator
  • Value

STEP 3: Select the user or queue to assign the case to
Here you will have one picklist and the input box. you can choose the user or queue list here using the picklist after that you have lookup filed also there. Please have a look

STEP 4: Optionally, select predefined case teams to add to the case, Here you can choose the predefined team.

Note : Assignment rules only for Lead and Case object. its provide the feature to automate our business process. 

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