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Tips and Tricks for passing Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Certification

Actually, I got one certification voucher from trailhead quest so I just planned to utilize the voucher for Salesforce JavaScript certification. Now JavaScript mission is accomplished.

First, I would like to know your currently working on Lightning Web Component(LWC) or Not. if you are new to LWC, you don’t want to work on the super badge. first, you need to start preparing JavaScript then you can work on the super badge.

Check Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam Guide 

The registration fee is 200 USD(Except Tax). The exam will be in MCQ pattern with 60 multiple-choice questions and 5 non-scored questions. The time duration to complete the exam is 105 minutes. you need to score 65%.

JavaScript Topic Split-up

You need to focus on following topics

Variables, types and Collections

  • Variables and naming rules, limitations
  • Data types(Primitive, Non-primitive) and methods
  • Operators
  • Conditional statement
  • undefined / not defined / NULL
  • Falsy values
  • Comparison == and ===
  • Array and methods

Objects, Functions and Classes

  • Ways of object creation (literal, constructor, Object.crate() )
  • Function creation
  • Named, Anonymous and self-Invoked function
  • Arrow function
  • Scope and Hoisting
  • Strict mode
  • THIS keyword
  • Date object and Methods
  • Object prototype and Inheritance
  • Class

Browser and Events

  • DOM Tree
  • Finding HTML elements getElementById, querySelector, querySelectorAll
  • DOM Methods
  • Event Bubbling , Capturing and stopPropagation
  • BOM and Methods

Debugging and Error Handling

  • Console method’s
  • Error handling using try, catch, finally block
  • Test and debug your code using breakpoints

Asynchronous Programming

  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Callback function
  • Callback Hell
  • Async functions with Promise
  • Promise chaining
  • Execution order
  • Async/Await

Server-side JavaScript 

  • Node JS CLI
  • Npm
  • Port and server setup and error handling
  • Package.json and versioning
  • Package installation


  • Software Testing
  • Whitebox and Blackbox testing
  • Console.assert()

Once all the topics are covered then you can test your knowledge using the following Quiz app. it will help you in exam point of you because all are debugging and code correction scenarios.

1.JS Quiz App

2.JS Quiz App

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