Metadata Driven UI In Angular

Metadata Driven UI Concept

It is mainly used to improve the productivity and reduce UI development process.

In real-world application development will have a lot of challenging tasks in UI. Imagine that you are going to develop one Web application using Angular 2+, it has CRUD operation.

Generally, CRUD table design and development will take some time. Before move on, We need to know what is CRUD?. CRUD stands for “CREATE READ UPDATE DELETE”. Using this we need to write both Frontend and Backend codes, but it will take time to complete the development process. To reduce the time complexity, We have bring up the new solution of using Metadata Driven UI.

This feature also like a UI generator .we can generate UI templates based on our inputs. one simple example is given below check it now. you will have a clear idea ðŸ˜‰
Example  : Click here

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