New Angular 6 Features

Angular 6 features are given here, compared with angular 5.

  • Angular 6 Features and Benefits
  • New CLI commands
  • Angular Elements
  • Material + CDK Components
  • CLI Workspaces & Library Support
  • Animations & RxJS v6

New CLI commands update
ng update <package> is a new and awesome CLI command. it will read your package.json file and Angular 6 to recommend updates to your application. To see it in action, check out our update guide.

Example, the command ng update @angular/core.Updates angular core files like Angular framework packages. add <package> is another new CLI command.its used to install new dependencies.

Angular Elements

It provides dynamic bootstrapping functions and embedded HTML

Material + CDK Components

We can generate prebuild UI components using angular CLI, following components are available in angular 6

1.Material Sidenav
2.Material Dashboard
3.Material Data Table

CLI Workspaces & Library Support

You can build your own library in angular 6. just it and kick-start today.

Animations & RxJS v6

Compared with angular 5, Now its have a  lot of update in core functionality including animations and RxJs. Now RxJS 6 is available with angular 6.

Then don’t wait  just kick-start your front development with Angular 6 ðŸ˜‰

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