Google SEO Tools : Top Free SEO Tools

Google providing a lot of free services for users, now each and every business organization, factories and also most of the peoples have a website’s for improving business on online, so everyone needs to know about Google SEO Tools.

Free Google SEO Tools

1.Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tool used to find the following details

Index Status
Content Keywords
Site Structured Data
Site Errors
then you can easily find the security issues, it provides the functions to add sitemap and target country options for increasing the traffic

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is still an awesome tool for comparing traffic for different terms, including politics, technology, business, education etc…

Trending Searches – Hot searches of google search engine words

3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

If you gonna build a site for your business promotion you can easily generate the keywords list using Keyword Planner.

4. PageSpeed Insights

With the help of Pagespeed Insights you can easily improve the efficiency of your website, this tool fully analysis your website, after completing analysis process generate the report based on your website’s provides the answers to the following questions,

Is the website fully responsive or not?

Website contents are optimized or not?

it’s a useful tool to improve the site performance.

5. Google Analytics

Today world, everything based on online, if you want to improve your business to the world, first you need to know how many viewers or customers are there for your you will have one question,

how to find my customer or viewer online?

Now Google analytics providing a solution for that, you can easily track your website using google analytics tool and you can find how many visitors from different countries for your business promotion.

Do better SEO to your website  😀

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