Top 3 Codeigniter Authentication Libraries

Codeigniter authentication libraries used for simplifying the development work. Codeigniter is one of the most popular PHP Framework using MVC Concept, now we are gonna discuss some popular authentication libraries.

Codeigniter Authentication libraries

1.Ion Auth

It’s a simple flexible authentication library for CodeIgniter framework

Library Function

  • Admin Login,  User Login,  Logout
  • User Registration
  • Delete User, Update User
  • Forget Password
  • User Group, Update And Delete User Group
  • Block Users

2.DX Auth

It’s a goal to provide you to easily enable secure and easy to use authentication library for CodeIgniter projects.

Library Function

  • Log in, log out,
  • register, change the password
  • Forgot password
  • Ban User
  • IP Tracking
  • Captcha
  • Role-Based Login

3.Tank Auth

It’s based on DX Auth, Tank Auth is a modified version of Dx Auth, its also provide good security for Codeigniter Project.

Library Function

  • login, logout
  • register, unregister
  • Forgot password
  • Change password
  • Ban User
  • Captcha

Now your turn choose your library 😉

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