UI Test Automation With Salesforce

UI test automation with Salesforce has some unique characteristics, both in terms of test creation and test maintenance.

  • Test Creation
  • Test Maintenance
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Salesforce Testing Flow

The testing process of Salesforce is the same as any application. The tester should have a clear idea of the features which are built during the test process. It helps them to focus on that customized code.

Developer and tester should use the Test environment for each of their purposes. Tested code in staging(Test environment)environment is deployed to production from the Staging environment. It is assumed that the QA tester has the basic knowledge and understanding of the terms used in the Salesforce.

Salesforce Testing RoadBlocks

Salesforce testing is not an easy deal. There is a lot of challenges.

  • It’s not an easy task to test advanced features like LWC, Salesforce AI or Over all¬† Sales & Service Cloud.
  • You need to check both classic and lightning view of the CRM.
  • Some of the standard functionalities should not be removed.

Open Source Test Frameworks

Finally We are here , That is open soruce solutions for our problems ūüėõ . There are more than one open source test frameworks available for UI test automation for browser-based experiences. We gonna discuss the most common tools and use it.

Core Selenium
Selenium WebDriver is the most popular implementation of the W3C WebDriver specification. Despite its popularity, it offers bare-bones support for test automation and often requires additional helper utilities to supplement its base capabilities. For example, in contrast to WebdriverIO, it does not have built-in support for Shadow DOM. Customers looking for Shadow DOM support need to implement these capabilities on their own.

WebdriverIO is a modern, JavaScript-based test framework based on the WebDriver specification. It provides a great deal of functionality that is not available in Selenium, including Page objects as first-class citizens and Native Shadow DOM traversal. However, it still requires a significant and ongoing engineering investment.

Key Considerations and Notes

  • Customer or developer need to take care of implementing and maintaining the test infrastructure and test suite through Pro Code technologies (engineering resources are required)
  • Open source frameworks and tools are free so have fun , No need to pay for the tools.

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