nodemon app crashed error [Fix]

Hai Node Js developers it’s a fix for nodemon app crashed you have an error like given below

nodemon app crashed – waiting for file changes before starting… 

STEP 1: don’t worry dude it’s not a big deal. now check your node js version it’s supported or not.

STEP 2. Check your terminal window. any node js script already running or not.

STEP 3: if any node js files are running close all terminal window. node run your nodemon command in your terminal window.

That’s all dude. now everything will be working fine 😀😉

2 thoughts on “nodemon app crashed error [Fix]”

  1. you can do that.
    First step:
    searching open’s port
    nmap localhost

    //Stop the port that you want
    sudo fuser -k 3000/tcp

    And Now :
    npm start or nodemon your archive

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