Javascript Authentication library

Top 3 Javascript Authentication library In 2019

Hey JS developers, Including Node Js dudes. We gonna discuss Javascript Authentication library for your dream projects.


Passport is a one of the authentication library for Node. you can easily perform all authentication process using this passportjs.


  1. 300+ authentication strategies
  2. Single sign-on with OpenID and OAuth
  3. Easily handle success and failure
  4. Sessions management
  5. Dynamic scope and permissions
  6. Pick and choose the required strategies
  7. Lightweight


Auth0 is an authentication and authorization control library available for all kind of platforms. Its renders multi-level security and features a robust architecture for improved security.


  1. Multi-layer security
  2. Application authentication and authorization
  3. Single Sign-On
  4. Duplicate account consolidation
  5. Universal login flow
  6. Custom domains
  7. Centralized provisioning
  8. Role-based permissions
  9. Advanced analytics
  10. Audit logs
  11. Universal login
  12. Central authorization server
  13. Customizable login pages
  14. Breached password detection
  15. User management
  16. Multifactor authentication
  17. White label multifactor
  18. SMS support
  19. Password-less authentication
  20. Brute force protection


The permit gives it easy to add authentication to any Node.js Application. It can be integrated with all kind of popular server frameworks and apps and it can be used for any type of API (eg. REST) due to its simplicity.


  1. Multi-Level security
  2. Authentication and authorization
  3. Single Sign-On
  4. Two way Auth
  5. Brute force protection

Now it’s your turn. you need to choose the library for your project from this list 🙂

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