How to create custom google maps

Custom Google maps: Here, we have top THREE tools for customizing the google map API. Nowaday’s most of the developers will have an idea to build a customized google maps using the google map API’s. So, for the easy customization, we have provided a solution below for the developers.

1.Map style with google

This tool provides some inbuild themes for google maps with some colour variations like standard, silver, retro etc…


  •  Inbuild themes
  •  Colour controls
  •  Label controls
  •  Density of features
  • Road, water, landscape customization

2.Snazzy maps

Snazzy Maps is an online community and custom google maps builder.its also available for the WordPress opensource environment.


  •  15 k + published map styles
  • Easy to use for custom styles
  •  Plugin available for WordPress


mapkit comes with free and paid plans for google map customization.its also have a lot of style templates.


  • Inbuild style themes
  • Easy user interface
  • Calculate Time and Distance
  • Draw shapes on your google map API

Now, it’s your turn, â†©

just try with any one of the above-mentioned tools to build your own custom google maps. 😀

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