jenkin vs gearset

Difference Between Gearset and Jenkins

In this article only to focus and find the difference between Gearset and Jenkins. Are you going to kick start the projects or Not clear with Gearset and Jenkins flow?

Don’t worry. Everything will be clear after 3 minutes

Gearset Jenkins
it’s only for salesforcewe can automate all kind of projects using Jenkins
it’s not an open-source, gearset is a premium tool for salesforce but the free trial option is thereit’s an open-source tool
you can compare your salesforce org here you cant compare salesforce org here
Custom comparison filter options availablecustom filter not there like gearset
Custom notifications are availableHere you need to install some plugins to get a great custom notification.

conclusion : if you are a salesforce developer, gearset is a geat option for you.

Note : Features of gearset

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